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A Beautifully Carved Lion's Head Cane From the Island of Caprera. The Cane is Fashioned From One Piece of Yew Wood and Carved From the Shaft a Few Inches From the Lion's Head 3-1/4"H x 2-7/8"W is a Bust of a Bearded Man Wearing a Hat. The Man is the Famous Giuseppe Garibaldi Who Died and Was Buried on the Island of Caprera in 1882. The Shaft is Signed R. Do Caprera, the R. for Ricordo = Souvenir. People Went to the Island on a kind of Pilgrimage and Would Purchase a 'Souvenir' Cane. The Cane is 34"L. with a 7/8" Metal Ferrule.

Catalog #873

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